Genre: all shades of house, but especially the deeper shade, disco, nu jazz, hiphop

Influences: food, friends, family, good movies, art, good music

First Record: Reflection Eternal – the blast

Best Concert: the Pharcyde in Munich in 2006 

Favourite Club: Alte Registratur Munich

Theres no need for …. jealousy and envy

Funky is… a term for something you can’t describe with words

Andi Malanders is a Munich based DJ, who finds his true roots in Hip Hop and Jazz. He experienced his love for these genres early on as a teen, and later on developed a taste for House music. Powered by his passion for music, he began to produce House and Hip-Hop in 2004 and by 2007 he was dedicated to spreading his sound by Djing. The active member of the Munich music scene’s “FunkYaMind” and “Phonque Fanatics” groups stays true to the “two turntables and mixer” philosophy, mixing it up in Munich’s bars and clubs and abroad…